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Property Maintenance Services

With today’s very busy lifestyles, not everyone has the time to spend on doing their own property maintenance jobs around the home or work so we are here to help you and this way you can spend more time doing the things that are important for you.

We offer maintenance services for residential, commercial and strata on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly base, or according to your needs and budget. Contact us and we can discuss the best maintenance service programs for you or organization.

MAAC offers a series of maintenance services for your property, offices, buildings, strata complex and more. 


Our services are:


- Landscaping Services

- A periodic revision of indoor and outdoor lighting, switches and electric outlets, the replacement of the damaged ones and the proper cleaning of them.

- Gutter cleaning, repair, and replacement when necessary.

- A periodic revision of indoor and outdoor faucets, fixing or replacing the damaged ones.

- Assembly and repair of cabinets and furniture.

- Outdoor floors cleaning.

- Handyman Services.

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