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Landscaping services

Commercial and strata properties

The looks of your garden speak about you and your property. In MAAC we offer our landscaping services and seasonal landscaping maintenance including instant care, cleaning, and necessary attention to your green areas and open areas of your property.


 Our basic services are:

- Lawn mowing.

- Hedge trimming (prices depend on hedges height).

- Pruning of shrubs and trees ( prices depend on trees and height).

- Weeding of planters and open areas.

- Cleaning of leaves, branches, and other debris.

- Disposal of all the green waste collected during our work time.


Other Landscaping services offered that could be requested are:


- Watering.

- Lawn aeration.

- Shrubs planting and transplanting, annual bulb, and perennial planting.

- Dead trees or shrubs removal.

- Installation of mulches and soils.

- Turf and garden fertilization.

- Installation, repair, winterization, and upgrades of irrigation systems.

- Turf replacement and installation.

- Fences, gates, arbors, and sheds repair, installation, and replacement.

- Pressure washing vinyl sidings, pathways, and driveways.

- Water features.

- Interlocking brick patios, pathways, and driveways.

- Landscaping design.

- Landscaping Lighting.

- Renovation and redesign of existing gardens.

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